Your Hearing Is An Important Health Concern

Hearing is one of our five senses, and loss of one could make life difficult, it always difficult to deal with day to day activities because of this problem. There are two types of hearing aids available as of now to provide relief for people with hearing problems. They are ITE hearing aids and BTE hearing aids.

The styles available in ITE type of hearing aids

These hearing aids are fit into the ear but with an added feature of being very small and almost invisible to the outer world, they are known as IIC and CIC. These are fitted with tiny batteries and you have to carefully in taking them out and replacing them due to the size. Another problem is that these aids can get spoilt by the ear wax or moisture that may creep in time to time. You will not find manual controls or program buttons for such hearing aids. These hearing aids at the Hearing aids clinic cater to mild to moderate hearing loss of a person.

ITE hearing aids

The ITE hearing aids are fitted into the outer part of ear bowl, though visible to the outer world they are the most comfortable to use. They are a little larger than the above mentioned hearing aids. They have longer battery life and help cater to a wider ranger of hearing loss problems. It is also fitted with directional microphones which enable the user to hear in a noisy environment. The volumes too can be adjusted to the suitability of the user.

Low profile hearing aids

The low profile hearing aids are people who want to have more control over their hearing aids and cannot deal with smaller ones due to dexterity issues. They find that all the control buttons, program change, volume and microphone direction operations are easier due to the larger size and more battery power to can be obtained. They can be seen in half shell or fully occupying the outer ear type of pieces.

Mild to moderate hearing loss patients opt for the mini BTE with the slim fit tube. Here the aid is smaller but on the outer ear with a tiny tube fitted into the ear canal which is comfortable and feels non intrusive to sound and air circulation in the ear. Persons with higher degree of hearing loss opt for more occluding ear tips to get better sound.

The other kind of hearing aids has only the receiver in the ear where the battery and the controls of the body are behind the ear. The receiving part can malfunction due to the moisture, ear wax etc, but this can be sorted out by the centre where you got it fitted.

BIT ear-mould type hearing aids are usually used for children and they are made in such a way that it is in the shape of the outer ear and fit all sizes. Since all the controls are in the outer section it is better for reprogramming, and will not be affected either by moisture or ear wax.


Chiropractors Offer The Right Back Pain Treatment

A chiropractor is a professional in the field of health. It operates primarily for neuromuscular problems by focusing on treatment through manipulation of the spine. The chiropractic is generally considered an alternative medicine. ย The word “chiropractic” comes from the Greek kheir which means “hands” and praktikos, which means “to do or to exercise”.

Thus, chiropractic focuses on optimizing and preserving health through the use of manual therapies. The goal is to restore muscle, skeletal and neurological functions. One of the main goals of the chiropractor will be to reduce pain and educate patients by offering various exercises to improve their musculoskeletal conditions and prevent recurrence.

What training have chiropractors followed?

In order to be able to practice as a chiropractor, it is necessary to complete undergraduate doctoral studies in an institution accredited by the Canadian Chiropractic Federation of Professional Regulatory Bodies and Accreditation of Educational Programs. For that the best Chiropractors can offer you the suggestions you need for optimal health.

Objectives and methods of chiropractors

Chiropractors study extensively the relationship between the nervous system and the spine. It has been found that an evil located in the spinal column can have a negative influence on the nervous system. Chiropractors examine patients and may discover misalignments or restrictions in the spine. The latter call them โ€œsubluxations “, which are likely to create pain, inflammation, muscle contractures, bad postures, compensations, etc.

  • They use their hand to adjust very precisely the spine, but also other joints in the body.
  • Thanks to a chiropractic treatment, the spine can regain mobility and thus reduce the pain caused to the individual. Your nervous system is thus rebalanced allowing you to move as you wish.
  • Chiropractic is not just about pain control. This practice goes further by offering a restoration of the neurological function so that your body has all the means at your disposal to heal.

How to choose the right chiropractic clinic?

Firstly it is necessary to inform you about the diplomas held by chiropractors. Some chiropractic clinics will sometimes be better able to deal with a certain type of clientele: children, athletes, pregnant women etc. As far as we are concerned, the clinic should practice with people of any age or background.

Do not hesitate to ask your chiropractor the different techniques he uses to find out if it meets your expectations. Also, if you have undergone any operations, it would be wise to inform your chiropractor. All treatments provided at the clinic are adapted to the patient’s health condition.

The professional will use his hands to evaluate each muscle, fascia, tendon, ligament or nerve that he suspects is problematic. He will be able to feel the texture, the tension and the fluidity of the movement of each structure that can be corrected.

Then, the abnormal tissues will be processed manually by applying a precise tension along the direction of the normal fibers in combination with a specific movement of the patient. If you would like to know more or make an appointment with one of our chiropractors, please visit our dedicated page.