Will The Hunger Games Become A Classic?

When a book series hits it big it is very hard to tell whether or not it is a passing fad or if it has the driving force to be added to the classic literature canon. It will take years before we can officially dub it something like that. With The Hunger Games trilogy, I see potential.

Given that these books are written for young adults I would like to point out there have been plenty of modern classics readable for youth that target a much wider audience– The Outsiders and To Kill A Mockingbird for example.  These books may not be dystopian but they surely were meant to educate youth about the corruption in society.

The Hunger Games books may be modern but they discuss some serious issues– the increase in media violence, race relations, government corruption, and the frivolity in the education system. While many of these are subplots, they add weight to the validity of the text and its worth in literary culture. They are also more relevant to the younger generation’s experiences than some older novels. They are perfect for classes with literature analysis.

Although it’s too early to tell I think it is safe to say that these books will be remembered by at least those in this century. May the odds be ever in their favor.