First Impressions in Poker

Recognize your own limitations. Poker is a game that self-confidence is essential for success. If you don’t have confidence in your judgment, you can’t win. Unfortunately, most players have too much confidence in their judgment; they don’t read players or cards nearly as well as they think they do. You may have the same problem. You certainly don’t have as much training in analyzing people as psychiatrists, but research has clearly proven that even they are misled by first impressions and other psychological factors. If pro should be cautious about relying on first impressions, so should you. Once you put someone on a hand or decide he is a certain kind of player, you will overemphasize supporting evidence and minimize or ignore conflicting data. Instead of jumping to conclusions, do not put undue emphasis on your opinion of your opponent’s hand. I know many players who put someone on a certain hand and play the rest of the hand assuming he has that hand. This is taking the method of reading hands too far … Instead; you must put a player on a few different possible hands with varying degrees of probability for each of these hands.

Since nobody can see you, you have far more options when playing online. You can pretend to be someone who would be unbelievable when face-to-face. In fact, some men have gotten great results by using women’s names and pictures. They say that other men underestimate their skills or make false assumptions about their styles. One of them wrote: “Many men will give you lots of action just to play in hands with you if you are willing to respond to their almost inevitable flirting. And the non-flirtatious men often go into a knight-in-shining-armor mode and stick up for you; frequently, one can end up having much of the table “on your side,” and they seem to fall all over themselves to lose to you, help you, offer advice, provide info about themselves and their playing styles, and so on.

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