Blogger’s Choice:Painters Guild Review

Now, the desks aren’t chopped liver either, they also play an important role. They increase the painters skills and speed, so if you have one painter who’s just lollygagging with nothing to do, I highly advise you to drag his lazy gluteus maximus onto the desk. You really need speed with the higher difficulty paintings because they are timed, so even if they are well rested, but they are lagging, it is no bueno.

Desks also plays an important role. Especially when you need to finish higher difficulty paintings fast

The picture below shows the painters stats.


Displays everything you need to know about the painters.

  • My only gripe with this game: This is why/how I was forced to be a multitasker, clicking and dragging all over the place~

Painters energy bar

Unless I drag the painters onto the sofas/couches, I wouldn’t know how much their energy bars had depleted, so I have to do a lot of estimating. Or worst, they’d already be asleep, and that little chair in the beginning of the game takes a bit of time refilling the energy bar back up, resulting in customers angrily stalking off. As more customers started coming in with their high difficulty demands, I had to be clicking and dragging the painters from the paintings, to the sofas/couches, and when I have an opening, the desk, one after the other. Sometimes I’m forced to split the work between the painters and have them paint the big ones alone rather than together when I am pressed for time. This is usually because one of them is working too slow due to tiredness that I did not notice due to the lack of visible energy bar (unless they are sitting on the couch/sofa). Meaning, I had to make them paint as much as they can, get the most tired to rest, then drag the newly restored painter to the painting that is mostly done, then move the other tired painter onto the couch/sofa, get that one rested, then drag his pixel butt onto the mostly done big painting with the other painter so that they can finish it together and move onto the next halfway done painting. Yeah and this is why I never felt that the game dragged on at all. Coz I be all over the place.