Blogger’s Choice: Painters Guild Review

Please Read: Alpha demo

I want to address something about the ALPHA demo. As I’ve mentioned, for me, the alpha demo did not drag on because I was forced to multitask, however, it may drag on a bit for some and, considering that the demo so far only has the basic mechanics of the game, it can get repetitive as well, but please do remember its an alpha demo, so I hope you won’t rush to conclusion that that is everything the game has to offer because that would be false, as you can clearly see not just from the features section of this review, but from the game’s recent indiedb update as well (pic below).

Taken from the game’s indiedb page. Shows the recently implemented hiring mechanic

Interview with The Developer

What inspired you to make this game?

-My inspirations are history and art. I am an art history student (masters degree) and I enjoy this subject a lot.

Was it hard to replicate the famous works of art in your game as pixelated versions of themselves?

– No. I have years of experience in replicating famous paintings digitally, I like studying the old masters. It is easier for me to copy something than to make something original. I usually make digital paintings, though, not pixel art. But pixel art makes it even easier that is why it is the game’s art style, it is easy and fast to make. As a solo developer, efficiency is important. If I spend too much time on art I won’t have time to code.

Is this a one man team, if so, what are the hardest parts about developing the game so far?

– I am pretty much alone, my friend Morvan is making the music and I am making everything else. The hardest part right now is finding motivation. When I was aiming towards getting greenlit I had plenty, but now it seems to have faded away. I still force myself to work on the game daily, but I have not been making the absurd amount of progress that I was making before.